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kera-net is the official online resource of the Cornea Society. It is primarily designed for ophthalmologists specializing in or with a specific interest in cornea, external disease, eye banking, and refractive surgery. kera-net is a worldwide interactive forum and a resource to subscribers for the exchange of clinical and scientific information pertinent to diseases and surgery of the cornea and external eye and refractive surgery.

Among the topics that can be covered in this forum are:

  1. The presentation of interesting or challenging clinical problems (difficult diagnostic dilemmas, management problems) that a subscriber might wish to present for input from other clinicians for interactive discussion.
  2. The posting of information on new surgical techniques, eye banking information, contact lens-related technology, refractive surgical issues, or experience with new medications.
  3. Presentation of or requests for the availability of educational and teaching resources, the location of which may not be readily obvious in books, slides, scientific journals, or the internet.
  4. Sharing of the virtual explosion of available new medical resources on the internet.
  5. The posting of helpful suggestions in clinical practice, both in the areas of clinical patient care as well as practice management in the field of cornea, external disease, and refractive surgery.

The list is open to all relevant postings. On occasion, we provide topics for global “roundtable” discussions. In addition, we will attempt to provide information to subscribers on other internet resources relevant to medical practice, both clinical and academic. At this time we are unable to offer access to ophthalmic industry representatives and press.